E Liquid Mix Master Pro is an advanced E Liquid Mixing program with a Recipe and Flavor management system like no other. Designed from the ground up to make day to day mixing of e liquid easy, with enough features to make even the veteran mixer's mouth water.

The design of this program was created specifically to be easy to understand for the non computer literate crowd.  Most items in ELMixMasterPro have tool tips explaining what they do.  Some of the more advanced features present instructions when the button is clicked.

Features at a glance.

Your Recipes are stored only on your computer

Multiple recipe books

Multiple versions of a recipe

Recipe flavor percent override

Recipe mixing queue

Quick view of other versions of the current recipe (mix and design)

Mix Log to easily locate a recipe you already mixed

E Liquid cost, with a detailed break down

Create professional E Juice bottle labels with graphics.

Label printing made easy. E Juice, Flavor Base, and Flavor Bottle labels are supported

Single click recipe bottle label creation and printing using customizable text templates

Customizable Label Text templates for creating labels using fields from the recipe

Web Browser for importing recipes directly from a few web sites

User Recipe Web Links (NEW

Automatic or On Demand new flavor scanning. Currently 10 flavor manufacturers are scanned for new flavors daily. ELMixMasterPro can be configured to check the server for new flavors and alert you if new flavors are found.

Exact flavor drop count and/or grams recording per mix

Mixing estimated flavor drop count calculated from your mix recordings

Flavor Name, Grams, and Estimated Drop count highlighted while mixing

Recipe and Flavor import and export

Flavor inventory with flavor statistics, usage tracking, extra inventory, display recipes using flavor, flavor shopping list and more

BullCityFlavors, ECF and order email confirmation import (automatically adds order to your inventory)

Tool tips are used through out the application to help explain the features

Mix Page
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A little about me and the app...

So why another e juice mixing program? I once had a dream of opening a vape shop, and wanted my own application for recipe and flavor management. Opening a vape shop is on hold, but I've decided to share my application with the world. I've cleaned it up a bit and added tool tips to help explain most of the features. Use it if you want. I'm still working on new features when time allows. My current project is adding flavor syncing with the server. My job has long hours and I'm away from the house 13-14 hours a day, and I sometimes would like to see if I have a flavor, or how much, from my phone while at work.

You are welcome to use my application free of charge. You can probably figure out most features pretty easily, but I recommend checking out the printer label configuration before trying to print out labels.

Check out the Features Overview.

There are more detailed pages of the
Mix Log
Printer Label Configuration
Printer Label
Web Browser
Recipe Books
Event Log
Flavor Shopping List.

There are videos covering the features as well.

Here is the Download page.